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Dr John Eye Hospital is a super speciality eye care hospital in Tamilnadu, India offering a range of quality eye care services .

Equipped with state of the art technology that offers globally bench-marked diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical solutions for complex eye diseases.

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We provide emergency eye care services, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical solutions.

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Our hospital is equipped with the latest technologies to assist in proving the best possible treatment .

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One stop solution to access & enquire about all the clinical facilities & hassle free assistance throughout.

Emergency Eye Care

Dr John Eye Hospital provides emergency eye care services for Ocular Emergencies 24 Hours for patients who seek immediate medical attention.

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Cataract Clinic

With the help of modern technology in cataract surgery, patients can return home within an hour of surgery and get back into their normal life.

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Retina Clinic

We have a dedicated Retina team that specializes in retinal disease diagnosis and treatments, equipped with the best of medical and surgical facilities.

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Glaucoma Clinic

With a team of super specialists and advanced state-of-the-art equipment, we are fully geared not only to detect early stages of Glaucoma but also in its treatment and surgical management.

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Squint & Occuloplasty

Both eyes not looking straight can affect the vision & cause muscle imbalance which leads to eye strain. Early detection and correction by renowned specialists at our clinic to help reduce the burden of visual disability

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Contact Lens Clinic

With Computerised advancements in contact lens technology, we offer the potential for successful contact lens wear to most of our patients and enhance visual acuity and appearance

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The hospital is well equipped with state of the art equpments to diagonise Ophthalmic diseases.


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